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Large key organizer


Is made to be a high-end keychain organizer.

It features a beautiful, smooth silver finish and laser engraving that is scratch resistant.
To it’s minimal and modern look we added a bottle-opener for more functionality. Thanks to it’s smart solution you will no longer have key rattle or holes in your pocket!

You can customize it to meet your needs. Choose the rivet nut size for your number of keys and put the washers between for easy action.
Add the detachable key chain accessory to have your car fob or any other items you would like to have with you.


•  Made in Poland (Europe)

Material: 420 stainless steel heat-treated to 54 HRC

•  Weight: 

•  Accommodates up to 14 keys:
– 20mm – 14 keys
– 15mm – 10 keys
– 10mm – 6 keys

• Built-in bottle opener

• Additional accessory for key fobs and car keys

• TSA compatibile – safe to bring through the airport

• Washers between keys for easy action and various key thickness

• Keys must have minimum 4,9mm hole in diameter or and be 7,5cm in length or less